I’ve met some interesting people lately; my new work colleagues, a new friend, the oldest-new friend. I’ve done lots of interesting things, and I’ve learnt a lot, especially about the people around me.

Dear friends,

You’re all fucking crazy. Not in a good “haha omg ur so mental” way, more of a “Jesus fucking Christ. Calm yourself.” I love you all the more for it, but please, remember you’re going to die one day. Stop working yourself up. Over nothing.

Dear new friends,

We must have more pints to discuss things.

My best friend is moving away, too. It means we’re effectively cutting off our relationship, and everytime I think about it, I become miserable, and so angry at my own understanding of why.

If I couldn’t understand why it was over, I wouldn’t be calm and agreeable, and all the more emotional. If I was someone else, I would have screamed, yelled, kicked up a fuss. But I am me, and he is he, and we both understand.

Even writing that has slumped me into melancholy.

Bath, and Forrest Gump time. With wine and a little j, sil-vous plait.

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I got my nipple pierced a few days ago, and that bastard hurts. Owch.

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